Personal Trainers, Are you Bored?

Let’s face it, everyone gets bored with day-in, day-out monotony. Although Personal Trainers have unique clients and face unique challenges everyday – they too can get bored with the gym scene. Some may begin to look for other opportunities. Personal trainers have a profound knowledge of functional anatomy and mechanics. So how can this knowledge be utilized elsewhere? I would like to open your mind to an avenue of exploration that combines, your knowledge of function with ergonomics; a practice I call BioErgonomics.

BioErgonomics comes from Biomechanics (mechanical principles in biological systems) and Ergonomics (Greek for work laws) and means addressing biomechanical dysfunction with ergonomics to prevent and correct work related musculoskeletal disorders. This practice speaks to health and wellness professionals as they are experts at identification of human movement dysfunction. Take a look at these staggering numbers:

  • Currently, corporate wellness is a $1.6 billion dollar industry and is projected to be $5.8 billion by 2015.
  • The insurance information institute says indemnity (time lost from work) rates have doubled over the past 12 years.
  • Over the past 2 years there has been a 69% increase in corporations offering corporate wellness.
  • 65% of companies recognize the value of corporate wellness and state they will increase funding and incentives for employees participating in wellness programs.
  • Avg. cost per permanent disability claim is ~$41,000
  • Musculoskeletal disorders account for 29% of all days lost at work
  • 33% of all injuries are a result of poor ergonomics and biomechanics
  • An employer’s return on investment for corporate fitness programs can be as high as 6 to 1.
  • 42% of large firms will require employees to complete health coaching or a disease management programs
  • 65% of respondents said that for 2011 they’ll increase incentives to take part in corporate fitness programs
  • Insurance companies strongly advocate corporate fitness programs
  • Lower back injuries account for 24% of all injuries and 65% of these are caused by over-exertion and poor mechanics.

These data points prove companies need help. They also prove companies recognize the value in corporate fitness and have already started to incorporate programs within the company. Many have invested big money on staffing in-house ergonomist. Unfortunately ergonomist, do not understand functional human mechanics like health and wellness professionals do. These companies need extra help! Why can’t you be the one to help them?

Many companies have ergonomic consultants or internal safety teams that purchase high-tech gadgets and ergonomically correct workstations to mitigate injury or reduce risk of injury for employees. Unfortunately, this does not fix the issue. As health and wellness professionals, we have the ability to recognize movement dysfunction. By applying the proper exercise techniques we can help employers address these issues and save companies huge money on workers compensation costs and eliminate wasted money spent on expensive equipment.

Market yourself, become entrepreneurial, several job opportunities exist for positions in corporate fitness, these include working for a company, or even better you can create your own position by becoming a consultant.

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