Three Exercise Programs You Can Do Anywhere!

Turkey, pumpkin pie, holiday parties, alcohol, sweet treats, 12-hours of college bowl games, and non-stop travel to visit family and friends—the inevitable holiday weight gain. Too many calories and no time or place to work out. When the holiday season comes, people want healthy eating options. I get it, diet is important, but I am not going to be giving out recipes here. If you want a stellar gluten-free mashed potato recipe or a simple salt-free, sugar-free, protein-free honey glazed ham recipe, go elsewhere. I am going to help you get moving. Movement equals calorie burn, and the goal of this blog is to provide you with three exercise programs that you can do anywhere without equipment. The programs are designed as circuit programs, which have been shown to be most effective at burning calories.

Program 1: Total Body – Easy

Program 1

Program 2: Total Body – Hard

Program 2

Program 3: Core and Stability

Program 3

People who try to eat healthy during the holidays are annoying. If you’re coming to my house for dinner, don’t ask for fat-free gravy or gluten-free stuffing. If you are inviting people over, don’t make us eat your tasteless, sugarless chocolate cake. It’s the holidays folks; it is ok to indulge a little bit. But, since you are going to pig-out, get up and move. Performing the exercise routines above can help you prevent holiday weight gain.

If you are looking to prevent weight gain this holiday season or looking to lose weight as a New Year’s resolution, please contact me. I will be running an 8-week weight-loss group training session in January. We will not be playing patty cake, so bring the workout gear, a bottle of water, and a friend. This will be a fun, butt busting program.

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