Pregnancy Fitness Program Using TRX RIP Trainer

Watch the video below as I take my client who is 8 months pregnant through a 30 minute total-body circuit program using only the RIP Trainer by TRX.

A little over a year ago I wrote “A Runner’s Story: From Pain to Performance” which is about a client I began working with about 2 years ago. When we met, the simple task of walking caused sharp pain in her hips and had essentially given up on her long-time passion of running.

After a few months of working together she was racing 5ks and 10ks. In one year’s time (April, 2014) she ran the Illinois half-marathon. I still train her today, but now we have a new challenge; she’s expecting a baby at the end of March.

Training through pregnancy has its challenges, but training is vital for optimal mom and baby health. Thankfully, my client is a fitness nut and wants to train – even now – only one month away from motherhood. To break the monotony of core stability, pelvic floor exercises, and strength training I pulled out my TRX RIP trainer and gave her a high-intensity, total-body program.  Below is the video of the entire program, but is made up of 10 Exercises. Each exercise performed for 1 min./ exercise (30 sec. /side) with a 30 sec. rest between exercises. Perform the circuit two times. This gives us a 30 minute program. Here are the exercises.

1. RIP Axe Chop
2. RIP Circles
3. RIP Split squat Paddleboard
4. RIP Pot Stirrers
5. RIP Turning Lunge to Press
6. RIP Reverse lunge w/ row
7. RIP Jump Turn with Push Press
8. RIP High Extension
9. RIP Lateral lunge w/ rotation
10. RIP Punch (hi/mid/low)

Check out the routine!

Anyone can do this program and will get a great total body workout. Increase or decrease intensity by changing speed, adjusting resistance, or manipulating work and rest intervals.

If you are interested in training with me, check out my services, my pricing, and contact me with questions.

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2 thoughts on “Pregnancy Fitness Program Using TRX RIP Trainer

  1. HBAP

    This is awesome!!! Any way to do this without the TRX Rip Trainer? There’s not enough resources out there for pre-natal exercises that actually make me sweat. Can’t wait to try these at home~

    1. Joshua Stone Post author

      Hi, Hannah,
      Yeah, there are many things one can do and lots of programs However the should emphasize core training (not just abdominals), pelvic floor work and obviously total body conditioning. We got bored of doing the typical routine, which is why we did a program just using the RIP trainer. If you need guidance, you know where to find me.


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