Research Review: Anterior Positional Fault of the Fibula after Sub-acute Lateral Ankle Sprains

Complete Reference: Hubbard TJ, Hertel J. Anterior Positional Fault of the Fibula after Sub-acute lateral Ankle Sprains. Manual Therapy. 2008; 13: 63-67. Clinical Relevance: Ankle sprains are the most common sports related injury. Unfortunately rehabilitation can be problematic and recurrent injury is possible. A significant side effect of an ankle sprain is decreased ankle dorsiflexion. […]

The Ice-less Management of Acute Ankle Sprains

I’ve written several articles on the use of ice on injuries, the need for inflammation, and the intricate physiological process of tissue healing.  Despite the mounds of evidence that ice is not all it is cracked up to be, there still exists a dogmatic polarization that it has magical tissue-healing properties. I often get told “Prove […]

Three Ways Ankle Sprains Cause Chronic Knee Pain

The ankle sprain is the most common acute injury in competitive athletics, while the knee is the most chronically injured joint. Coincidence – I think not. The question: How does an ankle sprain lead to chronic knee pain, such as runner’s knee, jumper’s knee, Osteochondral defects, and/or general patellofemoral pain? Three simple answers: