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Want to Improve Power? Improve your Core!

Do you want to increase your power – maybe to improve your vertical jump or bat swing speed or maybe to try something new? Power is very important in everyday functional movement. Athletes need power to improve performance. Parents need it to catch a kid from falling. Seniors need power to regain balance and prevent falls after tripping. Power is important and training should be part of most conditioning programs.

The mathematical equation for power is P= F*D (or Work)/T. Basically, power is the amount of work done over a period of time.  Using basic math, the higher the amount of work performed (force and distance) in the least amount of time will yield high power. So it seems logical that if I want to improve power I must perform explosive exercises such as box jumps, lateral hops, and other plyometric exercises. Right? Well although your are not wrong, you are also not 100% correct. Continue reading