Best SARMs For Women: Dosage&Stacking

Men and women want different things in life. You only have to look at divorce courts to see that. In some ways, they want the same, including the best body possible. Sometimes working out isn’t enough, which is why the best SARMs for women can deliver results you cannot achieve naturally.

With guys, it tends to be about building muscle. Sure, they want to build strength and endurance, and they want to strip fat. They want to look ripped. To be honest, females want that as well. But when it comes to females working out, whether they are using SARMs or not, it tends to be about tone and building stamina, with the major goal being to cut fat.

SARMs Vs Steroids/Prohormones

So if you’re not cutting that fat and building up the tone you want naturally, then SARMs or steroids, or even prohormones are something that a lot of female gym-goers start to consider using.

So you have three choices:

  1. Steroids have to be out. They cause masculinization. Body hair, a deeper voice, the list goes on.
  2. Prohormones are not as potent as anabolic steroids, but they do have anabolic effects in the body. So they aren’t really any better than steroids, and the quality of what’s out there to buy is scarily low anyway.
  3. SARMs are the third way and your best option. They aren’t as damaging, they aren’t as potent, and the quality (if you know where to look) make SARMs for females the best choice.

The 4 Best SARMs For Females

The problem is though, that a lot of SARMs are fully androgenic, which means they are full agonists of the androgen receptors. That can lead to some elements of masculinization, and more vitally it can build more muscle than most women want.

So what I’ve done here is put together the top four best SARMs for women that cut fat, build strength, and will tone you up, but without hammering your androgen receptors:

  1. Cardarine GW-501516

The top of any list has to be Cardarine for women. It’s not anabolic, its mechanism of action is actually as a PPAR agonist.

So it’s not even a SARM, it’s a completely different compound. In the body, it improves endurance levels, helps you to recover faster, and crucially alters the body’s energy metabolism. That means it burns fat rather than glucose as fuel, cutting fat dramatically.

  1. Andarine S-4

Another fantastic SARM for women is Andarine because it’s fantastic to use on its own to hit all angles. It will raise your endurance levels, helping to burn more fat and tone up better. Alongside higher levels of energy, it is mildly androgenic. So at smaller doses, it helps to build tone and a little muscle if needed.

  1. Ostarine MK-2866

The original Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator, Ostarine is also the mildest one out there, and also perfect for female use. For men, it can cut fat, and maintain muscle tone, with hard work you can even build tone, which is far more noticeable on the female body.

A moderate dose of Ostarine daily can help to strip fat really well alongside a good gym routine. It protects lean muscle mass in a calorie deficit, which means you can build endurance and strip fat while maintaining your tone.

  1. Stenabolic SR-9009

This is another chemical/compound that groups with SARMs, but actually isn’t one. It makes perfect sense to suggest is one of the best SARMs for women though, because of the positive effects it has.

It’s a REV-ERB agonist that’s often described as “energy in a bottle”. It helps to increase physical endurance, and recovery times. If you just want to work out harder and longer to burn fat and build tone, this is the perfect female SARM.

SARMs Dosage Guide

It’s really tough to give you a SARMs dosage guide because SARMs are completely unregulated, and have never been through full human trials for any purpose. So everything we do and say is based on anecdotal evidence and personal experiences, and feedback on bodybuilding communities online.

The one thing we do know is that doses should be lower than those for men. Also, you don’t even need to dose every day with a lot of SARMs, whereas men would need to dose every day.

Ostarine is the SARM that’s best-documented around the world. A good dose for a man could be as high as 30 mg, sometimes even higher than that, per day. For women though, I’d recommend 10 mg of Ostarine per day. Even that might be a bit much, and you could do that every other day, or take just 5 mg per day.

So generally, keep your doses very low to see how your body reacts, and then up to them gently to find the optimal level with no side effects.

Should A Female SARM Cycle Be Shorter?

Just as it’s tough to talk about female SARMs dosage, then a female SARM cycle is also tough to pin down as well. Again, it has to be about experimentation. Perversely, most people think that a SARMs cycle for women should be shorter than for men, but the opposite is true.

For a start, they are taking smaller doses. Secondly, the androgenic effects are less dramatic in women.

Thirdly, the SARMs I’m recommending to you here don’t have strong anabolic effects, which means you’re not building much muscle, and you won’t have the side effects of testosterone drop or estrogen problems afterward.

Which means a female SARMs cycle could actually be longer.

Again, let’s look at Ostarine. Very mildly anabolic at high doses, but if you are dosing 5-10 mg per day, there’s no reason why you can’t push it to 12 weeks, and then just take a six-week break with ease.

There is a warning here though. The female body, especially in the beginning, has less tolerance than the male body.

If you do a long cycle, you are putting more stress on your body, especially on the frame which underpins the muscles. So just be really careful to make sure you don’t create injuries that take months to sort out.

The Best SARMs Stack For Women

As with guys using SARMs, the power is in the stack.

Although it’s perfectly possible to use a single one of the best SARMs for women I’ve outlined above to underpin a really great natural routine to benefit, you can gain more from doing the same progressive gym work with a stack of SARMs.

A very simple best SARMs stack will to be base it around Cardarine, which for women is one of the best SARMs they can choose:

  • 5 mg Cardarine every other day
  • 5 mg Ostarine every day
  • Add 5 mg Andarine every other day if you want to build slightly more muscle
  • Swap SR-9009 for and Andarine if you just want massive energy and cutting
  • No PCT supplements required

You want to do that female SARMs stack for about 10 weeks. Then take a break at least six weeks and work out naturally to compare.

best SARMs for women

Results You Can Expect

 So, what results can we expect from using the best SARMs for women over a single cycle?

Well, just like with men, you’re not going to see miracles in a single cycle. It will take time to get the body you want, but using SARMs will accelerate that process by as much as 50%.

But what will happen is you will quickly see the following benefits:

  • Significant improvement in body tone
  • Fat stripping will be dramatic compared to natural
  • Your energy levels will go through the ceiling
  • Recovery times will be lowered

Side Effects Of Females Using SARMs

The great news is that SARMs for females don’t have the same androgenic side effects as men, basically, you won’t suffer a drop in natural testosterone production. But that doesn’t mean you won’t have side effects as a female SARMs user:

  • Androgenic SARMs can produce anabolic side effects like increased body hair
  • Acne and skin problems
  • Stress on muscle tissue if you progress to rapidly
  • Increased sex drive (not always a positive!)
  • Danger the bones don’t develop is fast as muscle

So it’s vitally important you go slowly. You don’t want to put stress on your muscle or bone because it could create a long-term sporting injury.

Take moderate doses, have days off if needed, and work on very lightweight and aerobic/cardio, to make sure you are not bulking up too quickly.

Where To Buy SARMs For Females

The best SARMs for women are 100% pure and guaranteed, just the same as they would need to be for men.

You’re looking for online SARMs sellers that provide those quality guarantees. That means that the SARMs they sell are independently lab tested for purity, with the purity reports being published for you to view.

These are the three SARMs sellers I would recommend as great starting places:

  • – a fantastic range of SARMs liquid and powder at affordable prices
  • Proven Peptides – USA-made SARMs in liquid format
  • Sarms 4 You – European seller that has SARMs powder and capsules

I’ll wrap up here with an idea on pricing. Cardarine for women at in sublingual liquid dropper bottle format costs just $44.99 for a 600 mg total dose, dosed at 20 mg/mL. That’s really good value, and the products and the other two companies are similar in quality and pricing.