Best SARMs Stack: Double Your Results In The Gym With The Following Combinations

Best SARM stacks

SARMs have been somewhat of an enigma to many, they promise a lot of benefits without any side effects and that has spurted a lot of interest for the compound in question.

Still, not much is known about SARMs and many amateur bodybuilders resort to doing things by themselves and getting mediocre results. Some go way overboard and end up hurting themselves in the process, which ends up giving SARMs a bad reputation.

We’re here to show you that there is nothing to worry about. Moreover, with the best SARMs stacks up against your sleeve, you’ll be ready to conquer the world in just a few short months.

We can’t wait to describe to you the transformations experienced by our bodybuilding friends, with some of them achieving such grand results, that many of their colleagues accused them of using steroids!

You’ve heard it right, with the right SARMs stack, proper diet, and workout routine, you’ll be ready to stand up to steroids and put them right back where they belong, in the trash. The era of SARMs is upon us, let’s make haste and discover all there is to know about these amazing substances!

What are SARMS

SARMs are substances that act on the androgen receptor in our body, making it produce more androgen. To put in a simple way, the more androgen you have in your body, the more muscle it will build, and the more fat you will shed.

Sounds amazing, right? But where is the catch?

With SARMs, there is none and the more we delve into the topic, the more it will become clear that not using SARMs is a complete waste of an amazing opportunity.

They are cheap, effective, have little to zero side effects and most importantly, they work in the long run. You will keep all of your gains even when you stop using SARMs! That’s how powerful they are.

Forms of SARMs

SARMs take on many forms, but the three most popular options remain the same.

  • SARMs In Powder Form

It’s important to note that all SARMs start in powder form. If there is anything to remember from this form, it’s to absolutely NOT snort the powder. Some people swear by their lives that snorting them absorbs them way quicker, but you’ll only end up damaging your nose. The best way to take them is by mixing them in water or in protein shakes.

  • SARMs In Capsule Form

These are simple and straightforward. You take a capsule(s), put them in your mouth and down them with some water. The capsules are usually stored in sturdy bottles.

  • SARMs In Liquid Form

Here is where many starts to lose their minds. They see a liquid and the first thing that comes to their mind is to inject it. SARMs are not steroids, people should seriously get that out of their heads. SARMs shouldn’t be injected as they are not sterile.

While injectable SARMs do exist and while their bioavailability is increased when injected, the side effects are also visibly elevated, so we don’t recommend you dabble with those.

How to take SARMs

How To Take SARMs

People try to make a science out of everything, but we’ll to try to keep it as simple as possible. The first thing to remember is to not mix SARMs with alcohol, they should only be mixed with water as that is the safest substance that doesn’t cause any adverse reactions.

The second thing to keep in mind is to always take SARMs orally, no matter what form they come in. If they are a liquid, simply put the liquid inside a glass of water and drink the mixture. If you have capsules, just swallow them with some water.

Lastly, if you’re blessed with the powder, just combine it with water and drink the blend. As you can see, taking SARMs in no-hassle as long as you stick to the main principles. Water is your biggest friend, don’t ever forget that!

The Best SARMs For Bodybuilding

We’ll be talking about six compounds today that are undoubtedly the best SARMs for bodybuilding.

  1. Ostarine (MK-2866)

Ostarine is definitely a SARM for beginners and those that like to keep it completely safe. Out of all the SARMs available, none of them have enjoyed as much attention as Ostarine.

  • What You Can Expect From Ostarine: Ostarine is very mild and one must be patient while using it. During a typical eight-week cycle, you can expect to shed up to 3-4% of your body fat and build a little bit of muscle. Don’t expect too much from just one cycle!
  • Ostarine Usage: Ostarine is the safest SARM on the market and you should have no qualms about using it, as long as you aren’t afflicted with any medical condition. Ostarine is so mild that it doesn’t cause suppression or any other negative side effects. It is the perfect gateway SARM and we recommend that any beginner should start his SARMs journey with Ostarine.
  • Ostarine Dosage and Cycle: You don’t have to be as cautious with Ostarine when compared to other SARMs. That’s why we see some professional bodybuilders use 50 mgs a day as if it were nothing. Beginners should start out with 10 to 15 mgs a day and up the dosage to 20 to 25 mgs a day once they see how they react to the compound. Ostarine is usually cycled for eight to twelve weeks and many proceed to have an off-cycle lasting as long as their initial cycle.
  • Does Ostarine Require PCT? Ostarine doesn’t require PCT at all. It’s not suppressive of the natural hormone in your body, meaning that there is no reason for something like Nolvadex or Clomid.
  • Stacking Ostarine: The SARMs that have the most synergy with Ostarine are Andarine and Cardarine. You will usually see experienced bodybuilders mixing all three compounds together to create the ultimate stack. More on that later.
  1. Testolone (RAD-140)

Testolone is on a whole different ballpark when compared to Ostarine. Its ability to build muscle is renowned worldwide and the fact that it boosts your mental performance only adds to the already sizeable amount of benefits.

  • What You Can Expect From Testolone: A lot of weight gain, but not the bad kind, the good kind, where you put on a lot of muscle mass. Many people put on as much as 15 pounds during just one normal cycle. The potential is endless with Testolone.
  • Testolone Usage: Unlike Ostarine, Testolone is not to be played with. Many beginners make the mistake of starting with Testolone, experiencing suppression and then dropping SARMs altogether. Only those that have already used a SARM should opt for Testolone and only in low dosages.
  • Testolone Dosage And Cycle: If it’s your first time using Testolone, start out with the lowest dosage possible, which should be 5mgs. Once you see that your body doesn’t go in panic mode with Testolone in it, you can increase the dosage to 10mgs a day. People usually cycle Testolone for six to eight weeks. Professionals go as far as ten weeks, but we don’t recommend that you attempt that feat.
  • Does Testolone Require PCT?: This is a hard one to answer as some people do feel the suppressive effects while others don’t. It should be judged on a case-to-case basis. The good news is that even those that feel suppression only need a short PCT cycle, usually lasting four weeks on something mild like Nolvadex.
  • Stacking Testolone: Testolone is in great harmony with Ligandrol and Cardarine. Always remember, combine Cardarine and Testolone for cutting and Ligandrol and Testolone for bulking.
  1. Ligandrol (LGD-4033)

Ligandrol is the jack of all trades when it comes to SARMs. It can be used for cutting, bulking and recomping, whatever your heart desires! The great thing about Ligandrol is that it is without side effects and that among 76 healthy man, not one did have a problem with tolerating it.

  • What You Can Expect From Ligandrol: It all hinges upon what you desire. As already stated, Ligandrol is all about versatility, so if your goal is to shed fat, you’ll be well on your way to achieving that. Quite conversely, if you want to bulk up, you’ll be able to do so with Ligandrol.
  • Ligandrol Usage: Beginners can use Ligandrol, but they should start out with very low dosages, such as 5 to 10 mgs a day. Bodybuilders that are already well versed in the world of SARMs can start out with 20mgs a day without a problem!
  • Ligandrol Dosage And Cycle: If we had to judge the strength of Ligandrol, it would be situated in the middle between Testolone and Ostarine.  This means that you should start out with 10mgs a day and see how your body reacts to the compound. If everything goes well, you can up the dosage to 20mgs a day. People usually cycle Ligandrol for eight weeks.
  • Does Ligandrol Require PCT? Once again, it depends. Many don’t experience any suppression with Ligandrol, so they don’t need it. To those that do, four weeks of Nolvadex should do the trick.
  • Stacking Ligandrol: Ligandrol really shines when combined with Cardarine, Ostarine or Testolone. As expected from this SARM, it is very adaptable and can be mixed with almost any other SARM.

SARMs reviews

  1. Andarine

Andarine is a great SARM for bodybuilding that strengthens your bones and makes you lose fat all-around your body, as the following study performed on rats indicates.

  • What You Can Expect From Andarine: Andarine is perfect for going on a cut. Not only will you lose unwanted fat, but you’ll also gain lean muscle mass all at the same time. First-time users that went on an eight-week cycle reported losing up to 5% of their total body fat!
  • Andarine Usage: You should be careful not to overdo it with Andarine. Start off with 15mgs a day and watch how your body reacts to the compound. If everything is fine after the first few days, you may increase the dosage accordingly.
  • Andarine Dosage And Cycle: The best Andarine dosage for beginners is 20mgs a day, professionals can take up to 30mgs a day without a problem, but if you’re only starting out, playing it safer is better. People cycle Andarine for up to twelve weeks, but if you’re still new to the compound, eight weeks is the recommended cycle period.
  • Does Andarine Require PCT? Andarine is a bit stronger than Ostarine and can cause suppression in your body, especially if you’ve been pushing your cycle above the eight-week mark. That’s nothing a bit of Nolvadex can’t solve, with the recommended PCT lasting anywhere between three to five weeks, depending on how suppressed you are.
  • Stacking Andarine: Andarine stacks greatly with Ostarine and Cardarine when going on a cut. If you’re opting for a bulk, Andarine in combination with Ibutamoren or Ligandrol should do the trick.
  1. Cardarine

Cardarine is not exactly a SARM, but a PPAR-delta agonist. Since it has been stacked with SARMs so often, many shops and establishments have started listing it alongside with SARMs.

  • What You Can Expect From Cardarine: Cardarine provides you with extra energy, that being its main selling point. What you do with that energy depends entirely upon you. Many people use Cardarine for cutting, as they don’t need to imbue food to get a good pump going at the gym.
  • Cardarine Usage: Cardarine is great because it doesn’t cause testosterone suppression meaning that even newbies can join in the fun! Cardarine is well tolerated and without any side effects so many people end up opting for it alongside with something mild like Ostarine.
  • Cardarine Dosage And Cycle: Start dosing Cardarine at 15mgs a day and go up from there. If you’re a complete and total newbie to SARMs, start with 10mgs and see how your body feels. Most people feel comfortable with 20mgs a day after they get the hang of things. A Cardarine cycle usually lasts for eight weeks.
  • Does Cardarine Require PCT? You won’t need PCT whilst using Cardarine as it is not suppressive. That makes it a great SARM for beginners!
  • Stacking Cardarine: Coincidentally, Cardarine is stacked with Ostarine, another mild SARM, to produce amazing effects when it comes to building lean muscle, losing weight and cutting fat. This stack will also significantly decrease your recovery time, meaning more time spent at the gym!

Best sarms

  1. YK-11

You don’t want to mess with YK-11, that’s for sure. It’s a very powerful compound that helps you build muscle like crazy, through a protein called follistatin.

  • What You Can Expect From YK-11: YK-11 will completely rock your world. People mostly use it for bulking, with the consensus being that in just one cycle, one can gain up to 15 pounds of raw mass.
  • YK-11 Usage: If you’re new to SARMs, do yourself a favor and stay off YK-11. This compound deserves some respect and only those that have dabbled in SARMs for some time can really appreciate its powerful effects.
  • YK-11 Dosage And Cycle: If it’s your first time using YK-11, take no more than 5mgs a day. Yes, even at such a low dosage, you’ll be stunned with the results it produces. Cycle it for eight weeks and then proceed to have an off cycle for at least eight weeks, to let your body recuperate.
  • Does YK-11 Require PCT?: Yes, it does. You will definitely feel the suppression kick in once you stop using it, so we do recommend that you take some Clomid to alleviate the negative effects. Most people run it for four to six weeks, that should be enough time for your body to recover.
  • Stacking YK-11: This might be a bit controversial, but you don’t really need to stack YK-11, it’s in its own league when it comes to power. Professionals like to stack it with Testolone, but it’s not necessary.

The Best SARMs Stacks Used By Bodybuilders Worldwide

The time has finally come for us to show you the best SARMs stacks combined by professional bodybuilders and used by people all around the world!

The Best SARMs Stack For Cutting

  • What SARMs are in the Stack: The best SARMs stack for cutting is the triple stack consisting of Andarine, Ostarine and Cardarine. You will lose a substantial amount of fat and weight, while still maintaining lean muscle.
  • Dosage: You can start off week one to three with 10mgs of each compound and increase it to twice the dosage once you see that you’re tolerating the substances well.
  • Cycle Length: Eight weeks should be the maximum cycle length, any more than that and you risk causing damage to your body. Be sure to take an off cycle after this stack.
  • Do You Need PCT?: You won’t need PCT for this stack if you stick to our recommended guidelines.

best sarms for cutting

The Best SARMs Stack For Bulking

  • What SARMs are in the stack: If you want to go on a bulk, you’re best off stacking Ibutamoren, RAD 140, and S23.  You will experience massive gains in weight and muscle in a very short period of time, some people have gained up to 25 pounds of pure mass in just eight weeks!
  • Dosage: Start off strong with 7,5mgs of RAD 140, 5mgs of S23, and 10mgs of Ibutamoren. If you feel comfortable with the initial dosage, double things up until the end of the cycle.
  • Cycle Length: If you’re still new to SARMs, don’t do this stack for more than four weeks. Intermediate and professional users of supplements can go for eight weeks and they shouldn’t experience any problems.
  • Do you Need PCT?: PCT is required since the S23 and Testolone will cause some Testosterone suppression in your body. We recommend six weeks of Clomid for the job.

Best SARMs Stack For Fat Loss

  • What SARMs are in the stack: Andarine and Cardarine make-up a killer combo when putting together in a stack. Cardarine will help out with fat and weight loss, while Andarine serves to build up some lean muscle mass. Andarine will also see to it that you keep your gains even after you’re done with this stack!
  • Dosage: 10mgs of Andarine and 15mgs of Cardarine should do the trick for the first few weeks. Once your body has adjusted to the dosage, you may take up to 15mgs of Andarine and 20mgs of Cardarine for the rest of the cycle.
  • Cycle Length: Beginners should find themselves satisfied with six weeks, intermediate users of SARMs can go for eight weeks, while professional in the fields can opt for ten weeks.
  • Do You Need PCT?: PCT won’t be required for these two substances. They don’t suppress the natural hormones In your body, so there is nothing to worry about.

Best SARMs Stack For Strength

  • What SARMs are in the stack: A note of caution, this stack is only meant for those that are experienced with SARMs, beginners should stay out of this one.  The stack consists of Testolone and YK-11, both are powerful substances that will very likely cause suppression, so you have to be careful with the dosages and cycles.
  • Dosage: 7,5mgs of YK-11 and 10mgs of Testolone should be plenty enough for you to achieve your fitness goals.  If you’re a professional, you may take up to 10mgs of YK-11 and 15mgs of Testolone.
  • Cycle Length: Eight weeks is the maximum allotted time for this stack, some people cycle it for ten weeks, but they only cause unnecessary damage to their bodies.
  • Do You Need PCT? That’s a definite yes. Both of these compounds are suppressive and that’s why you’ll need PCT for about six weeks with Clomid.

Best SARMs Stack For Females

  • What SARMs are in the Stack: Most women want to achieve a lean figure with some muscle mass to complement it. That’s where Andarine and Ostarine come into play. We believe that these two substances are perfect for the job, as they both promote fat and weight loss.
  • Dosage: Start out with 5mgs of both Ostarine and Andarine and increase the amount taken by another 5mgs for both compounds once you see that you’re tolerating the substances well.
  • Cycle Length: Women who are just starting with SARMs shouldn’t cycle this stack for more than six weeks. Users experienced with SARMs can go for eight weeks.
  • Do You Need PCT?: PCT won’t be required for these two SARMs as they are harmless and well-tolerated by all test subjects in experiments done on humans.

Best SARMs Stack For Females

Post Cycle Therapy For SARMs

Post cycle therapy is a very important component in your overall fitness routine. You cannot take some of the stronger SARMs without including it, unless you want to suffer the negative effects of testosterone suppression for weeks at a time.

The good news is that most SARMs don’t require PCT!

You can take Ostarine, Andarine, and Cardarine without ever having to worry about doing PCT. On the other hand, something strong like YK-11 is best not approached without a PCT in mind. The two substances that work best for PCT are Nolvadex and Clomid. Nolvadex is reputed to be weaker than Clomid and is therefore used for SARMs that cause mild suppression. Conversely, Clomid is used for the strongest SARMs of the lot, like YK-11.

SARMs Before And After Pictures

As much as it hurts us to write this, it has to be said that most, if not all the SARMs before and after pictures you find on the internet are fake or photoshopped.

The reasons for that are quite simple: Unscrupulous vendors that sell SARMs want to rid themselves of their stock as soon as possible, thereby pocketing more money. That’s why these before and after pictures shouldn’t be trusted.

People that see these pictures think to themselves: ’’Oh, I just have to cycle Testolone once and I’ll be ripped!’’ It gives people a lot of false enthusiasm which inevitably leads to disappointment.

Much to our dismay, these people blame not only the establishment that sold them the lie but also SARMs themselves! This means that SARMs lose their good reputation because of a few rotten apples.

The fact of the matter is that SARMs truly work, but they take time, dedication, and serious training. You can’t expect to become Hulk after just once cycle with SARMs, it’s just not going to happen. You have to clear your mind of all delusions about your body and realize that slow and steady is the only way to move forwards.

Anyone saying otherwise is just peddling snake oil.

SARMs Reviews Online: What Other People Say About SARMs

We were genuinely curious as to how other peoples experience related to our own when it came to SARMs and we were astonished to realize that many people share the same sentiment: SARMs work amazingly well as long as you keep your diet and exercise routines in check!

The first source we have for you stems from Reddit’s bodybuilding community, where posters eagerly discussed Ligandrol and its positive effects on their physique. The original poster even went as far as calling Ligandrol a better alternative to steroids, as it has all the glamor without the drama. A guy currently on Ligandrol built upon that statement and said that everything is stellar except for the fact that it causes suppression, but that’s nothing a bit of PCT can’t handle!

After spending a lot of time searching for a real before and after picture, we finally found one on Reddit! Take a look at the transformation the person on the pictures had in just one cycle with Testolone and Ligandrol. Some people were a bit jealous, telling the poster that this could’ve been achieved naturally, but anyone that has been lifting for years knows just how hard it is to achieve so much in just twelve weeks. We rest our case!

Our last story is taken from quite a reputable bodybuilding forum where people discuss their supplement usage openly. The person posting the thread went on to talk about how he had absolutely zero side effects on the SARMs he was taking and that they helped him immensely in his fitness journey!

Judging these SARMs reviews is pretty easy when most of them swing to just one side. There are a few people online that do claim that SARMs don’t work, but they are a minority that has probably been burned by a dishonest vendor.

Possible Side Effects Of Using SARMs

There has been a lot of controversy on this one, as there’s one side claiming that SARMs don’t have any side effects at all, while others swear on their lives that SARMs are harmful.

Where is the truth in all of this? Somewhere in the middle.

The one thing to remember is that if you’re following our own guides, you shouldn’t have any problems with side effects, safe for the suppression on stronger SARMs and the occasional headache as a first time user.

If you’re taking SARMs in higher than recommended dosages, you can expect the following side effects to occur.

  • Testosterone Suppression: When your body’s natural testosterone production is suppressed, you open yourself up to a myriad of side effects. The good news is that a PCT with Nolvadex or Clomid remedies many if not all side effects.
  • Mild Headaches and Nausea: As previously mentioned, it is possible that these two occur when using SARMs for the first time. Don’t worry, it’s just your body adjusting to a foreign substance and it should go away after a day.
  • Acne: Only experienced by those that are prone to acne in the first place.
  • Hair Loss: This is a very rare side effect experienced on higher dosages of strong SARMs. We’re here talking about something like 50mgs of YK-11 per day, which is just ludicrous on its own.

Where to Buy SARMs

That’s a very good question for reasons more sinister than you can possibly imagine. What if we told you that most substances marketed as SARMs weren’t SARMs at all? Don’t take us by the word, check out this study done by JAMA where it was found that most products sold as SARMs were in fact fake.

For that reason, people asking themselves where to buy SARMs have to be very careful. Don’t worry, we have researched, tested, and vetted the following three stores and found them to be legit!

  1. is a very popular vendor of SARMs and many other compounds. After doing some background research on them, we realized that they were a completely new company, which shook us to the core. Upon further inspection, we found out that they were the former, who was the best SARMs vendor back in the day.

They have a sleek and modern website, an amazing user interface, a FAQ section, and an email address where you can contact them. We did email them to see if we would get a response back, which we did.

Looking at their product section once can immediately spot the versatility. We have found all the SARMs we were searching for and much more. The one thing that is dazzling about this shop is the fact that you can choose between both the powder and the liquid version of a SARM, which is a rare sight.

Their prices are very competitive, with their liquids consistently being the purest and most budget-friendly option on the market. Speaking of purity, you can have all of the lab results (conducted by an independent third-party laboratory) delivered with your order.

They ship on the same day as your order and offer free shipping for any order above a 100$ to the US.


SARMs4You is a company based in Europe that ships worldwide, meaning that you can also order from them even if you are stationed in the US.

They have a longstanding reputation as being by far the best and largest vendors of SARMs in Europe with purity rates hovering between 98 to 100%. Each batch is tested by a third-party laboratory, which means that the numbers shown above are true.

They even have high-precision scales for sale, helping you measure out the correct dosage when playing with powdered SARMs. It’s no secret that many people from the US order from them as they have excellent quality SARMs and ship for free to the US if you order more than 120€ (135$) worth of product.

Moreover, you can choose between the capsule and powdered SARMs, they price their products very competitively and they accept all major credit cards. Navigating their website is easy and we found most of our questions answered in their FAQ.

Delivery times depend on your location, one of our buddies from Munich got his SARMs in just three business days.


Proven Peptides is one of the best companies for SARMs in the US. They consistently deliver high-purity stuff and their customer service is top-notch! The first thing you notice about this business is that they only dabble in SARMs which means that their entire business hinges upon the quality of their SARMs.

They have this amazing loyalty program where you earn Peptide Points for making a purchase on their site. You save 10% on every subsequent purchase in their store and if you buy more than 75$ worth of goods, you get it delivered straight to your door for free!

Proven Peptides only sells the liquid version of SARMs. The great thing about this is the variety of vials they have on disposal ranging from 15ml to 60ml. This is good news for both newbies and professional athletes as most shops don’t have that kind of versatility at their disposal.

They have a phone number on their website, and we called the number just to check if it was fake. After just a few minutes, we were talking to one of their agents. Shipping is very fast, with our SARMs arriving at our home in just two and a half business days!

To conclude, now that we know a little something about SARMs and have the knowledge of what the best SARMs stacks are, we can safely proceed to build our body to perfection!