Can You Trust Synthetic Urine Reviews – Here’s What Really Works

fake pee for drug test

Every synthetic urine review out there tells you that it’s the best brand to use. But most of the time that couldn’t be further from the truth, and you can’t trust most synthetic urine reviews at all.

So what I’m going to do here is guide you through what you need to know to make a better buying decision.

We’re going to talk about when you can use fake urine during a drug test, what fake urine has to contain to stand a chance of passing, basically what its characteristics have to be in order for it to fool a professional drug testing company.

Plus, I’ll give you some top tips on making sure you don’t fail your drug test for the number one reason people do when using fake urine, and tell you about the only three brands of fake urine out there that tick the boxes required to genuinely stand a chance of passing a professionally administered drug test.

When Can You Use Synthetic Urine?

When it comes to passing a drug test, you have three ways of doing it when you are riddled with drug toxins:

  1. You can use fake urine if it’s an unsupervised drug test. Unsupervised means that you will go into a room on your own, or at least behind a screen, to submit your sample. So you won’t be directly or indirectly observed. That means you’ve got the time and space to check the temperature and pour the fake sample into the sample container easily. But you couldn’t do that for an observed drug test.
  2. Your second option is a detox drink. These will flush out the toxins in your body, maintain the balance in your urine, and basically work as a masking agent for a few hours so you can pass a drug test. They aren’t as reliable as high-quality synthetic urine. However, for an observed drug test they are your best option.
  3. The absolute best way to pass a drug test though is to get naturally clean. You do a natural detox, abstain from taking drugs, and you can even speed the process up with high-quality detox pills. However, unless you’ve got a couple of weeks’ notice of your drug test, then it’s not really a serious option.

So as you can see, when it comes to unobserved drug tests, the vast majority conducted in the USA, then using fake urine for drug test success is definitely the best option you have. You just have to get over the concerns about smuggling a sample into the drug-testing lab.

But don’t worry about that, because you won’t directly be searched. Just wear baggy jogging bottoms, and tuck the fake sample next to your skin in tight underwear.

Fake Urine Must Be High Quality To Fool A Drug Testing Company

Drug testing technology has moved on massively in the past decade. Whereas in the past you could have got away potentially with even just drinking tons of water are not having your diluted sample picked up, you just can’t do that sort of stuff now.

It’s the same with fake urine. The drug testing labs research the Internet, they know what people try and use. On top of that, they have modern, highly calibrated, digital testing techniques. So it’s going to take an incredibly good quality sample to fill the drug testing lab.

These are the characteristics that the best synthetic urine has to have to stand a chance of passing scrutiny:

  • Must be complex in the formula to closely mimic urine
  • Has to at a minimum contain your urea, uric acid, and creatinine
  • Must be balanced for pH and specific gravity
  • Fake urine must look, froth, and even potentially smell like the real thing
  • It has to have a way to submit it within the correct temperature range (between 90°F and 100°F)
  • Cannot contain an artificial preservative called biocide

The bottom line is that unless the synthetic urine ticks the boxes above then you don’t stand a chance of passing a modern urinalysis.

Just a word on biocide. It’s an artificial preservative found in a lot of household products. It’s also used in a lot of brands of synthetic urine, and up until a couple of years ago, that wasn’t a problem.

But a couple of years ago quite a lot of brands of urine started failing, and there were widespread reports are brands suddenly starting to fail a drug tests. The rumor is that the big testing labs had realized that a lot of fake urine out there contained biocide, and that merely by testing for its presence during the preliminary checks, they could rule out most fake samples.

using synthetic urine for drug test

Don’t Buy Synthetic Urine Locally

Before I move onto the main synthetic urine reviews for the top three brands out there which tick all the boxes I’ve just talked about, I want to talk about buying fake urine locally. A lot of people go online and search for where to buy synthetic urine near me, and I’m advocating you don’t even consider it.

Almost universally, the brands of fake urine available locally, and independent shops, smoke shops, garages, places like that, are the worst quality ones sold at a huge markup. You’ll see cheap brands like Magnum and U Pass sold at very high prices. These brands don’t have all the ingredients needed, and also potentially have biocide in them.

My advice is always to buy premium brands that tick all the boxes we’ve already talked about, and that you buy them only from specialist retailers online. Get them in stock in advance, then you can never be caught out.

The #1 Reason People Fail Drug Tests Using Fake Urine

 It’s not well-known, but the number one reason why people fail a drug test using fake urine is nothing to do with the quality of the urine, which is especially true if it’s just a basic pre-employment drug test where the testing scrutiny is low.

The number one reason why people fail a drug test is that they submit it outside the correct temperature range.

Human urine exits the body within a very narrow temperature band, usually between 96°F and 100°F. Legally, to allow for cooling, the labs have to accept a sample between 90°F 100°F, and they have to record the temperature of the sample within four minutes of you have done it.

The thing is, that’s not a great range of temperature work with, and when you’re relying on a heatpad to keep the sample warm for maybe an hour before you submit the sample, that allows quite a margin for error.

So if you panic and then don’t know how to warm the urine up again, or you don’t even bother to check the temperature before you go in, then there’s quite a high chance that the sample could have cooled. There are two ways around this.

Firstly, you can take a flask of hot water with you. Check the temperature before you go in, and if the heatpad has failed then pour hot water on the sample until the temperature gets as close to 100°F as possible without going over.

Alternatively, you could buy and use a brand of synthetic urine that doesn’t use a heatpad at all. The best fake urine actually uses heat activator powder.

Heat activator Powder means you don’t have to heat the sample up in advance at all. You just tap in about ¼ of the powder into the sample, agitate it until it disappears, and it will raise the temperature. Check the temperature strip, and add a little more if needed. It’s far more granular, and you won’t fail like so many others do if you use heat activator powder.

The Best Synthetic Urine Brands To Use

So let’s round off this quick guide to why so many synthetic urine reviews out there don’t tell you the whole story by telling you the top three brands out there that fulfil the criteria I’ve talked about here.

1. Sub Solution Powdered Urine Kit

Sub Solution has been the top brand of fake urine for a couple of years now. There are several great reasons for this:

  • Sub Solution contains 14 chemicals found in urine
  • It contains the crucial creatinine, urea, and uric acid
  • It’s perfectly balanced for pH and specific gravity
  • Sub Solution looks, smells, and even froths like human urine
  • It uses heat activator powder rather than a heatpad

So what you’re getting with Sub Solution is the most complex brand on the market. It closely mimics human urine in all ways, and you get the heat activator powder rather than a heatpad which gives you complete control over the sample temperature.

The only downsides are that it costs $80, which is double what you pay for most other brands (but you get what you pay for) and the fact that it is a powder that has to be mixed with filtered water prior to use.

Best synthetic urine

2. Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Kit

 Second on the list of the best synthetic urine products out there that ticks all the boxes I’ve talked about is Quick Fix.

Let me say up front here that Quick Fix isn’t in the advanced formula. But it does contain the basics of your urea, uric acid, and creatinine. It’s also perfectly balanced for pH and specific gravity.

It also looks like real urine, although some people say it looks slightly green if you hold it to the light, I’ve never heard of any problems with that and not noticed it myself. Quick Fix only costs $30 for the basic to fluid ounce size. The slightly larger 3 fluid ounce size (called Quick Fix Plus) costs $40.

Quick Fix uses a heatpad, so you do have the potential problem of maintaining a steady temperature until you submit the sample. However, as you now know, can just use hot water to lift the temperature of the sample a few degrees if needed.

Quick Fix Urine

So it’s not as complex as Sub Solution at all but is less than half the price. If you are just going for a basic pre-employment drug test, and you’re not that bothered, then it’s perfectly acceptable to use.

3. Monkey Whizz

The third of my synthetic urine reviews is for fake urine with a less than serious name Monkey Whizz. It’s one of the best budget synthetic urine products out there though.  I’ve only put in third place behind Quick Fix because it’s slightly less certain to me what the exact ingredients it contains are.

But I know that it is balanced for pH and gravity, and it does contain your urea, uric acid, and creatinine.

In fact, to me, it’s slightly straw yellow color makes it more realistic then Quick Fix. But I’ve had to order it in third place because I’m not sure of his exact overall composition. What we are talking about here is the Monkey Whizz Flask product. Like Quick Fix, it’s premixed, rather than the powder that Sub Solution is.

It only costs $30, and it comes with a heatpad. So it’s definitely a budget product, and only good for basic pre-employment drug testing.

However, it’s got a good reputation online, and the heatpad is just as reliable as that from Quick Fix in the testing I’ve done with both products to see how long they can keep the urine at a stable temperature for.

synthetic urine kit

Synthetic Urine Reviews: My Conclusion

So there you go, if you’re going to use fake urine for drug tests then these are the three brands out there which tick all the boxes the aim able to not only pass basic drug tests, but in the case of Sub Solution, more complex ones.

If you don’t want to spend much money, then the $30 or so for Quick Fix and Monkey Whizz is perfectly good, and the heatpads are pretty good quality.

But I would always say trade up where possible.

Sub Solution costs $80, but it’s worth every penny. That’s not only because of the complexity of the formula but also because of the brilliantly simple heat activator powder which removes all of the problems around temperature with your fake sample.