Huge Supplements Review: Should You Use These Bodybuilding Supplements?

Huge Supplements” are a company that a lot of people have heard of. They sell natural bodybuilding supplements that claim to have huge potency in building muscle, growing strength, getting faster recovery times, and increasing your testosterone levels. So I’m going to talk you through the truth in this Huge Supplements review.

I’m going to take a look at what’s in the supplements they sell and tell you about my experience using them.

I’ll also tell you what my research online is found in terms of the ingredients, and what other people are saying about them so that you can make a good decision on whether Huge Supplements can help to increase your performance and results.

Who Are Huge Supplements?

Hugh Supplements actually have not been around very long, in fact only since 2019. I haven’t been able to find out much about them, but I suspect they were previously sold under another brand and have just shifted into a different brand because of some historical negative publicity.

One of the reason they are popular is that they have an aggressive marketing and affiliate program. So you will see their supplements talked about frequently on Reddit and bodybuilding forums, because people are familiar with them.

They also have some really stupid names and label designs as well. Some people think that’s cool and it is memorable, but for me it doesn’t exactly convince me that they are serious about the quality of the supplements, and rather more serious about getting people talking about what they are selling.

The Huge Supplements Product Range

The huge supplements products are all sold under the badge “huge nutrition”, and then a catchy product name as follows:

  • Rebirth PCT – post cycle therapy
  • Annihilate – natural plant anabolic
  • Enhanced – testosterone booster
  • Arachidone – improves power
  • Wrecked – pre-workout supplement
  • Epitech – lean muscle builder
  • Defend – on cycle protection supplement

Now I’m really sorry here, but the names are ridiculous and the descriptions are ridiculous in many cases as well.

Look at “Defend” as an example. It offers “powerful on cycle support with complete organ protection”. Now what the ever-loving f*** does that even mean? Seriously guys can you see what I’m saying?

How Good Are The Supplements They Sell?

I bought rebirth PCT to test after SARMs cycle. Even though the ingredients are just a mix of herbs and natural ingredients from places like China with mystical claims, I thought I would at least give it a try.

Even after a moderate SARMs cycle, I had to bump things by replacing it with Nolvadex to get my testosterone levels right again. It was utterly useless.

It’s the same with a whole range, none of them are any good.

The testosterone boosting ones do contain D-Aspartic acid, which has been linked to significant testosterone growth. However, that was only in a couple of small sample studies and isn’t always replicated. To claim that it produces massive increases in testosterone is simply untrue.

One of my friends was always using these types of supplements down the gym, on and off for years. I know he used Huge Supplements for about six months just recently and I can tell you he had no positive benefits from throwing tons of those pills down his throat and working out really hard.

To be honest, I could have saved him the time and money because it’s obvious from looking at the ingredients listed they are just packed full of weird sounding natural herbs to make you think that there’s something wonderful going on.

Being a bit cruel and wanting the study material, I watched him for a couple of months though, and he just wasn’t making any gains, and was even complaining about the supplements he was using at the end.

Huge Supplements Review Conclusion

 I could just go on and on about Huge Supplements negatively, but there’s really not much point to be honest.

The bottom line here is that most of what they sell are just hugely expensive placebo supplements.

Most of the ingredients have absolutely no connection to anything to do with gaining muscle, gaining strength, increasing your endurance, increasing your recovery times, helping to fuel muscles, anything.

Now sure, they contain things like creatine monohydrate, which can help with fueling your muscles pre-workout, and giving you a kickstart for muscle growth post workout.

But can buy a huge bag of creatine monohydrate off somewhere like Amazon for about $10, enough to last you months. Why the hell would you pay 10 times that to have 10 times less in capsule with 50 other ridiculous ingredients?

The bottom line is that the vast majority of workout supplements out there, including ones from Huge Supplements, do virtually nothing.

They may have a minor effect, but unless you get really specialist products, that are highly tailored with great ingredients that are scientifically proven, then you just don’t stand a chance in hell of benefiting from using them.

My advice is to really be careful by looking around for supplements that have a proven track record over several years, and tons of people on the right forums and places like Reddit talking about them in positive detail. Get the results from people, and then use them, don’t just assume they get results.

Back this up with a great diet, some high-quality protein shakes, your creatine monohydrate, and a few other bits and pieces like L-Carnitine if you want to shed just a little bit of extra weight when you’re working out, and you should be good to go.

When the Huge Supplements product pricing averages a dollar a capsule, at a rate of two or more capsules a day, and you can see that it’s just a money-spinning machine. Two capsules of anything (1000 mg in total) is never going to do enough to get the gains and fulfill the claims these guys are making.

So stick to the basics, back it up with one or two really high-quality supplements with a proven track record, or even some SARMs, and please do not go near Huge Supplements.