Review: Is legit? SARM

I’m writing this review based on my own experiences, so it’s not some empty generic review like so many others out there.

I’m going to get right down to it and tell you exactly who is. There’s some confusion about who they really are, and I want to talk about some of the good and bad that’s been discussed them online. But you’ll also get a proper review of what sell, my experiences with buying SARMs, nootropics, and other supplements from them, and how their pricing compares.

Basically, guys, I’m going to tell you if are legit based on my own experiences, so you can make a better decision on placing an order.

Who Are is the old name for a company now called “Science”, who use the domain  In fact, now simply redirects to the new domain.

There was some bad publicity about them online a year or so ago. There was a lot of mud thrown, but the quality was still undeniable.

For me, from everything I’ve read, it feels to me that ( basically shut the old brand down because the FDA had warned them about selling some of the SARMs and supplements they were. Products

I used to order from the website, and I still order my SARMs and nootropic supplements from the new website as well.

I’ve never had a problem, and they really are a fantastic source for the following:

  • Metabolics – 100% pure and great to use SARMs
  • Nootropics – all the main types in powder and liquid form
  • Longevity – proven supplements that help with mind and body
  • Natural – supporting supplements like CBD oil

Primarily I use them to buy SARMs, but I have supported my gym work and my job with some smart drugs as well. Noopept and a few different racetams have all proved to be pure, and incredible to use for cognitive and physical performance. coupon SARMs

But the main reason I buy from these guys is the SARMs they sell. For me, nowhere else comes close. The reason for that is the balance of quality and price.

I don’t want to sound like a fanboy, but the prices are usually about 25% cheaper than other SARMs sellers with strong reputations. Even cheaper than that if you bulk buy.

They sell all the main types of SARMs, and the stack I use now are all SARMs (Ostarine, RAD-140, GW-501616 ).

What’s The Quality Like?

 If the quality was rubbish then people would be shouting it from the rooftops on well-known bodybuilding forums and places like Reddit.

You’ll get a few people who are obviously fake trying to rock the boat and promote other places, but what’s generally said online backs up my personal experiences: they sell budget-priced SARMs that are premium quality.

Every batch is independently third-party lab tested. I checked out the independent lab they use, and it’s a legitimate testing facility.

They test every batch of SARMs (and every other supplement type as well), and those purity reports are always published on the product pages for you to view. It’s a great reassurance and the main reason that I put these guys at the top of my list.

In terms of the SARMs that sell, they also have the same quality guarantees, and the performance they deliver is as good as anything I’ve experienced.

I ran my first cycle using a stack comprised only of SARMs from these guys, over 10 weeks I packed on 6 pounds of lean muscle, and dropped nearly a stone. I just couldn’t have done that naturally; I know that from battling away on my own for a year previously.

So Are Legit?

 My advice is to ignore any politics you see online, and the idiots trying to put you off them because they are trying to push you towards buying from another seller, ignore any stupid games like that.

There was a lot of suspicion about the fact they rebranded, and that the website went down for a couple of weeks. But as I say, the word on the street is the FDA were after their ass, so they swapped the company and rebranded to make any pursuit run out of steam (a year down the line they are still trading so it appears it did).

So my answer to the question around is legit is yes. I can only say that based on my personal experience though, but I can also back that up by pointing you guys to numerous recent discussions online. is even on Reddit themselves and active in the SARMs groups.  They talk about the SARMs they sell, offer advice, and you don’t see loads of people screaming abuse at them. sarms Coupon Codes

As far as I know, there aren’t any current coupon codes. You could always search online, or keep checking back on their website.

They did have a 10% discount if you join their newsletter. I don’t know if that’s still going, but it’s definitely something you can check out when you head off to the website.

What I will say though is that prices are definitely cheaper than other comparable supplements and SARMs suppliers. Whether you want to buy nootropics, SARMs, or other supplements, in every department of products they sell I can’t find another USA retailer that’s as cheap, certainly not one who displays 100% purity lab reports on their website.

When you are getting such cheap prices with purity 100% guarantee, then coupon codes do become a bit secondary, and you can see why they don’t offer them because they’ve got their prices attractively low anyway.

I’ll also point out that you get completely free shipping on USA deliveries over $100, and on international orders over $300. Put that together with the cheap pricing, and it’s still a great deal as far as I’m concerned.

So the conclusion of my review is that despite the confusion from around a year ago, they are definitely legit. I’ve ordered from them, tons of guys I know have, and tons of people online are without a torrent of negative feedback.