Ligandrol Review: Is LGD-4033 The Best SARM For Results?

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Ligandrol (LGD-4033) is one of the most popular SARMs for a variety of very strong reasons. So, in this quick and easy to understand Ligandrol review, I’m going to cover everything you need to know.

You’re going to learn about what LGD-4033 is exactly. We will talk about the effects and benefits of using it, dosage range, cycle length, and what SARMs to stack it with.

On top of all that, you’re also going to learn what sort of Ligandrol is typical. Realistic, not optimal or extreme like you’ll see in those LGD-4033 before and after photos out there.

As well as being a comprehensive guide to LGD-4033, you’re also going to learn about the four web stores that sell 100% pure and guaranteed SARMs, so that you don’t get caught out with poor quality stuff, or some of the nightmares out there you can buy, which even include hidden anabolic steroids.

What Is LGD-4033?

LGD-4033 is an investigational drug developed by a company called Ligand Pharmaceuticals. Tested over many years for a variety of purposes, it’s never actually made it through testing and to market for any clinical reason though.

The license was sold to a company called Viking Therapeutics. They have continued looking for a purpose to develop it for. As a treatment for muscle wasting and osteoporosis is the main thing it’s been looked into as a cure for, because that’s known positive attributes of being able to preserve and increase lean muscle mass, even when in a calorie deficit.

So you have to understand that Ligandrol is not actually licensed for any use, and although it’s been through very limited human trials on healthy adults in relation to resistance training, it’s not been proven as safe or effective.

How Ligandrol LGD-4033 works & Effects

But what we do know about LGD-4033 is that anecdotally, it can be incredibly effective at maintaining muscle mass, and cutting fat.

We know this because many athletes have been caught using it, and the WADA has had it on its banned substance list for many years. For example, in 2015 Will Grier, a quarterback for the Florida Gators tested positive for LGD-4033 and was suspended. Swimmers, footballers, canoeists, runners, tennis players, the list goes on.

Do you think these people would have been taking Ligandrol in such numbers, and taking such risks unless it had pretty significant rewards?

Let’s take a look now at how LGD-4033 works:

  1. SARMs development has been popularised because of the potential of the androgenic properties, but without affecting other areas such as the prostate. It’s this selective androgen receptor modulation that gives them such promise. LGD-4033 is a fully androgenic SARM, despite some claims you’ll see in really poor quality LGD-4033 reviews that say it’s not androgenic and it doesn’t aromatize estrogen. Both of those claims are totally false.
  2. LGD-4033 works by targeting androgen receptors in muscle tissue. It maintains muscle mass, and can even improve it, when the body is in a calorific deficit. Basically, it impedes on the body’s desire to start eating muscle tissue.
  3. The most serious study on healthy males showed that even at a dose of 1 mg, muscle mass was maintained, and even improved. It also found that strength improved, as did mental health. These are all traits of improved testosterone availability.
  4. LGD-4033 was also found to significantly lower levels of HDL cholesterol, but not LDL-cholesterol. This is negative because HDL cholesterol is the good stuff.
  5. In preclinical trials, LGD-4033 was also found to increase bone density and strength. So it must also target bone tissue in the way it targets muscle tissue.

Put all that together, and you can see why it’s popular amongst bodybuilders. It will allow you to cut fat while maintaining and even growing, your muscle and mass. It helps lower HDL cholesterol, strengthens bones, plus it improves cognitive functions and determination associated with higher testosterone levels.

LGD-4033 Ligandrol Dosage Guide

In studies, LGD-4033 was well tolerated in doses of up to 20 mg. However, in the main clinical study done on healthy men, the dose was as low as 1 mg per day. Even at 1 mg per day, muscle retention and fat cutting effects were noted, alongside strength improvements, and better mental health.

However, on the downside, doses of 1 mg levels of free testosterone did decrease. So for me, you’re looking at a dose of just a few milligrams start off with, maybe 4 mg, or 5 mg. See how suppressive it is after your first cycle.

Also, note that it is very suppressive in some people. In one study of 389 men with a mean age of 37 years, it took some of them 56 days to regain their original levels of testosterone production.

LGD-4033 Cycle Length

Because Ligandrol can be suppressive, you might have to tailor your cycle to the way your testosterone levels are responding. Studies have found that LGD-4033 dosage relates to suppression levels. Basically, the more you take, the more your natural testosterone levels will be suppressed.

So I would suggest you start at a low dose. 5 mg is a good place to start and do it for an eight-week cycle. Just make sure you are very wary of anything negative happening to your body (read up on the signs of testosterone suppression) and have a PCT supplement handy.

Although most people will only need Nolvadex, if you get bad suppression, you might want to start on Clomid, which is stronger. Also, don’t be afraid to drop the dose, or shorten your cycle if you start to feel the signs of suppression of your testosterone levels.

Ligandrol Results: What’s Realistic?

Okay, at the halfway point of this LGD-4033 review, let’s recap with a snapshot of LGD-4033:

  • Ligandrol is suppressive of testosterone but that’s dose-dependent
  • It’s known as “Super Osta” because it’s similar to Ostarine in its effects
  • LGD-4033 is very specific in only being an agonist in muscle and bone tissue
  • LGD-4033 can lower HDL cholesterol
  • Elevated testosterone in muscle and bone can produce cognitive benefits
  • The half-life is as long as 36 hours
  • Average doses are in the range of 4 mg to 15 mg daily

Now the thing about SARMs is that you will read a lot of rubbish about them. They are not anabolic steroids; you cannot compare them or expect anabolic steroid results.

If you work hard though, you can see significant results during your first LGD-4033 cycle. In terms of what’s typical, for me, and through research, this is what you can realistically expect, in terms of Ligandrol results:

  1. You will experience a rapid feeling of being “pumped up”. This is the elevated testosterone which brings a sense of wellbeing and confidence in men.
  2. You will also feel more energized, more determined. You’ll want to get to the gym, you’ll want to stay there, and when you have recovered, you’ll want to get straight back there.
  3. This was a vital one for me, recovery times were dramatically lower. Whereas before I would need three or four days to fully recover, I was feeling completely recovered in 48 hours.
  4. I put on hard, toned lean muscle mass. Not dramatic, but it was certainly highly visible.
  5. I cut fat. 7% in six weeks. My diet was pretty spot-on, with a few flaky moments, so it could reach 10% if I’d be more disciplined.
  6. LGD-4033 improve my strength. I could do more reps, I hit personal bests, I was just lifting cleaner and more easily after an initial couple of weeks.

Ligandrol Stack

Ligandrol Before & After Reviews

Before I move on to conclude this review, I want to talk to you about those LGD-4033 before and after photos out there, and user reviews that you’ll see online. When it comes to SARMs and steroids there’s a lot of rubbish spoken. There’s also a lot of rubbish before and after photos out there.

So, if I published a before and after photos, you wouldn’t have a clue if it was genuine or not. It might not be me, it might not even be a result of SARMs at all.

My advice is just to do your own before and after. Just invest in a single cycle, work hard, and see what the results are. That way you don’t need to agonize over what other people are telling you, you’re finding out for yourself.

Ostarine Vs Ligandrol

Ostarine is the perfect beginner’s SARM. Very mild and only suppressive at high doses, it cuts fat and preserves lean muscle mass even if you are really cutting back on the calories.

Think of Ligandrol as Ostarine on steroids. It’s just a more powerful version of the same thing. It works in an almost identical manner and produces identical results, they are just more pronounced.

You could try Ostarine if you’re new to SARMs, or you could go for a low dose of LGD-4033, and you’ll achieve basically the same thing. If you really want to cut, you could even use them both together.

Finding Ligandrol For Sale

 I hope that’s all been helpful to you, and I want to finish this Ligandrol review by telling you where you can actually find genuine Ligandrol for sale.

That’s actually one of the hardest things to achieve. You can work hard in the gym unless you’ve got your hands on 100% pure SARMs, then you’re not getting the maximum benefits, and you could be damaging your body.

Thankfully, all of these webstores that I use publish independent third-party batch test reports. Samples are sent off, tested for purity, and those purity certificates are published on the website so that you have complete peace of mind over the SARMs you are buying.


Near the top of anyone’s list has to be these guys. They sell a huge range of SARMs, all with 100% purity guaranteed. Prices are also really good. They are imported Chinese SARMs, but because of the purity reports, you have no worries there.

Let’s quickly look at pricing. 1000 mg of LGD-4033 loose powder costs just $39.99. The far more convenient Ligandrol oral liquid version is $44.99 for a 300 mg total dose.

2. Swiss Chems

Swiss Chems are another American SARMs company, despite the confusing name. They’ve been around for a number of years, but can also be confusing because the formats they sell SARMs in change frequently. Sometimes they sell liquids and capsules, sometimes only liquid, sometimes injectables, I think it points to supply problems.

At the time of writing the review, they only sell SARMs powder in capsules. These are more expensive because they are the ultimate in convenience and safety though. 60 capsules, each dosed @ 5 mg, will cost $95.

3. Proven Peptides

Third on my list, but certainly not third-placed for quality, are another American company called Proven Peptides. I’ve ordered from these guys for a number of years and they are one of the most reputable companies you can do business with.

They only sell liquid SARMs, no powder or, capsules, or injectables. But those SARMs are made in the USA, not China. They are still quality checked independently, but for me it does bring a higher level of confidence. A 30 mL dropper bottle, dosed at 10 mg/mL, costs $59.99.

4. SARMs 4 YOU

I’ll admit I’ve only ordered from these guys once as a test. The reason for that is that they are based in the Netherlands, in Europe. So they are perfect for you guys that way, but not so good for us here in the States unless you spend more than $150 for free global shipping. You do have the downside of trying to get the package through customs though.

They sell loose powder and capsules, no liquids. 60 capsules of Ligandrol, dosed @ 5mg each will cost you $54.95.