RAD 140 Before And After Pictures – Are They Real? [ Testolone Review]

If you’re thinking about getting yourself some Testolone, you’re starting to play games in the big leagues. RAD 140 is no joke and it’s powerful as hell, it can completely transform you from a scrawny little loser to a magnificent beast of a man and it will only take a few cycles.

The thing about Testolone is that with its power, it also carries some side effects, such as testosterone suppression, but that’s nothing a bit of Nolvadex won’t be able to solve.

Many people ask themselves what their RAD 140 before and after pictures will look like, we’re just going to say that you’re in for a surprise. Many people gain so much weight and muscle that they transform into a completely new person, unrecognizable to former acquaintances.

Want those same results? Read on to find out all there is to know about Testolone!

Testolone RAD 140 Effects on Your Body

The Testolone RAD 140 effects on your body are going to be significant. We’ll now be listing down the top benefits you get from taking this compound.

  • Increased Lean Muscle Mass: Nine monkeys were subjected to different doses of RAD 140 and they all experienced similar effects: An increase in power and lean muscle mass. What is interesting about these findings is the fact that it only took a month for the effects to be noticeable, proving once again how powerful RAD 140 is. This is a promising study since we share so much of our DNA with monkeys.
  • Improves Memory and Increases Brain Cell Growth: This is a huge one, as a study has shown that the effects of RAD 140 on the brain are similar to that of Testosterone itself. It protects the brain against neurotoxins and oxidative stress, letting you enjoy your own mind to the fullest of possibilities.
  • Better Sleep and Increased Sexual Performance: Once the horniness sets in on week two, you will want to do it with anything. Your partner is going to be thankful for all the extra attention she’ll be getting, as you’ll be bestowing her with unforgettable nights. Speaking of the night, Testolone also works well for those with sleeping troubles.
  • Decreases Total Body Fat: Even though you will be gaining raw mass while you’re on Testolone, it will still help you lose fat. You will become lean and muscular, and it’s all confirmed by the following study.
  • Increases Vascularity: There’s nothing sexier than having your hard work shown through your veins, the ladies love it as it’s a marvel to look at. Testolone will see to it that you’re vascular like a true warrior.

RAD 140 Dosage And Cycle Length

It’s important to not mess up your RAD 140 dosage as that could lead to side effects to be experienced. If you’re a beginner, please don’t take more than 5mgs a day for your first cycle. We know that it can be tempting to go for more, but you’ll only end up hurting yourself.

If you have previous experience with RAD 140, you may take between 10 to 15mgs a day, depending on your fitness goals. RAD 140 should be cycled between eight to ten weeks. Beginners should only do eight weeks, while professionals can opt for ten.

RAD 140 Before And After Pictures

It’s pretty hard to find a real RAD 140 before and after picture, but we managed to scoop one up here. It’s from Reddit, which is mostly a legit source of images and information.

The other RAD 140 before and after pictures you see on websites or vendors are mostly fake. They try to sell you a story which simply isn’t true, you’ll never go from scrawny weakling to shredded beast, at least not in one cycle.

The strength of Testolone shouldn’t be underestimated, but it shouldn’t be overestimated either. We know many people that quit around week four because their physique didn’t match the pictures they were shown.

This means that these Testolone before and after pictures can be an incredibly demotivating and debilitating experience. It’s best to ignore them completely and focus on your own goals, wishes, and needs. You’re not competing with anybody but yourself, if you’re seeing improvements on your body, that should be motivation enough to continue!

RAD 140 vs Ostarine

While both Testolone and Ostarine are SARMs, they don’t have much else in common. RAD 140 vs Ostarine is like David vs Goliath, with Ostarine being David and RAD 140 having the title of Goliath.

Ostarine is a mild beginner SARM that is taken in dosages of up to 50mgs a day and is mostly used for cutting.

On the other hand, Testolone is one of the strongest SARMs out there and 50mgs would knock you out like a baby. Also, it’s almost always used for bulking. As unlikely as it sounds, these two SARMs can be stacked together to create a fat loss, muscle gaining machine out of you.

20mgs of Ostarine and 10mgs of RAD 140 should be enough to do the job. Cycle It for eight weeks and do a small, four-week PCT after the stack, to combat the suppression from Testolone.

RAD 140 vs Ostarine

RAD 140 Reviews Online – What Other People Say About It

Even though RAD 140 hasn’t be clinically tested on humans, it remains to be one of the most popular SARMs for bodybuilding, used by almost everyone in the supplement game. Why is that so? Because it is strong like hell and because it works. The following reviews you’ll read confirm this notion.

Our first story arrives straight from Reddit, where a user cycled RAD 140 and MK-677. It was quite a funny review as he claimed that both his girlfriend and his training session benefited the more Testolone he took. He did cap out at 30ml a day, which is a high dose. He took the Ibutamoren to get better sleep and stronger bones, as Testolone causes rapid muscle gain. He started out at 185 pounds and went up to 200 pounds, while also losing some body fat. Overall, he was pretty satisfied with the stack.

Our second report comes from a SARMs forum straight out of the Netherlands. The person in question says that only three weeks with RAD 140 made him gain more mass, muscle and strength than all of his efforts of the last half a year! He didn’t experience any side effects at all and as far as we know, he didn’t even use PCT. He sadly doesn’t mention how much of it he took nor the cycle length, but we’re glad he had such an amazing experience with Testolone.

What can be observed from these reviews is that RAD 140 is strong and that it can significantly impact your life in a positive way.

Side Effects of Taking Testolone

This RAD 140 review would be incomplete without at least mentioning some of the side effects that can occur on Testolone. It just isn’t fair how many websites out there skip this part and simply let the user suffer the consequences later on. We’re here to change that trend!

  • Testosterone Suppression: This is the biggest side effect you will experience while taking RAD 140. We would be lying if we said that it wasn’t suppressive, but it is. With strength comparable to raw Testosterone (as we saw from a previous study), it would be ludicrous to assume that RAD 140 didn’t at least cause mild suppression. The good news is that there are PCT supplements like Nolvadex and Clomid to aid us in our time of need. A four to six-week cycle should be enough to suppress the negative effects of Testolone on the body.
  • Headaches: These tend to occur in users that are trying the compound for the first time. They will be mild in nature and go away in less than a week. It’s completely worth it to power through them, as you’ll later see.
  • Muscle Pain: High power comes at a price, you’ll be building muscle at such an alarmingly high rate that you will most likely experience pain from all the strain on your ligaments. That’s why Ibutamoren is so often used in combination with Testolone, as it strengthens the bones and makes them impervious to the pain caused by muscle growth.
  • Acne: Experienced only in those prone to acne in the first place. Remember to moisturize your skin properly and frequently, and you shouldn’t have many issues with this problem.

As we’ve already mentioned a few times, RAD 140 is strong like an ox and the benefits do come at a small price. The question you have to ask yourself now is whether you’re man enough to accept this small risk in exchange for all the vast benefits this compound has to offer?

We don’t know one person who regretted his decision of taking RAD 140 and you won’t either!

RAD 140 For Sale – Where to Buy Testolone Online

RAD 140 for sale can be found in many online stores, but the question is, how pure is their product, and is it really Testolone that they are selling? A study by JAMA has confirmed that most vendors sell fake SARMs and that the most counterfeit chemical peddled as a SARM are actually prohormones, which have significant side effects.

We saved you the trouble of having to do the due diligence yourself and are proud to present to you three shops that have high-quality and pure RAD 140 for sale.

  1. https://science.bio/

It’s always an honor to deal with a reputable vendor such as science.bio, a US manufacturer of SARMs and other supplements. They have been on the scene for years, delivering high-quality SARMs with high purity rates at prices any budget can handle.

Their RAD 140 comes in both powder and liquid form. Their powder will cost you south of seventy dollars and you get a full gram of Testolone for it.

On the other hand, their liquid will set you back fifty dollars, with you receiving 300mgs of product for it. You also get a free measuring tool for the liquid. Their latest batch of RAD 140 enjoys a purity rate of 100%!

Science.bio offers free shipping on any order above 100$ if you’re from the US and that number leaps to 300$ if you’re ordering outside of the US. Shipping times to the US are very good, we got our package in just two and a half days of waiting.

  1. https://provenpeptides.com

Proven Peptides are a special case of awesome as throughout their entire history of existence, they only dealt with SARMs. They are a business based in the US and they have been with us for more than a decade.

Testolone in their shop comes in the form of a liquid and you may choose between 15, 30, and 60ml vials of the compound in question. They will cost you between forty-five and one-hundred and forty dollars, depending on how much of the liquid you choose on the way to your checkout.

They have lab results posted right underneath their RAD 140, so you can always check the newest batch purity. Every subsequent purchase in this store nets you 10% off, as you collect something called Peptide Points. You do have to sign up though for the offer to stand.

Proven Peptides offer free shipping to the US for any order above 75$. Shipping times are acceptable, it took our RAD 140 three business days to arrive at our place of residence.

  1. https://sarms4you.com

If you’re from Europe, it probably doesn’t pay order from the US, as you have wait weeks for the package to arrive. That’s why we recommend SARMs4You, the best European vendor for SARMs and SARM accessories.

They have Testolone in capsule and powder form. The capsules are a bit more expensive and will cost you €79.95 for 60 capsules, each having 10mgs of RAD 140. You can buy the powder in denominations of 1 to 3 grams, which will set you back between €59.95 and €149.95.

The company offers free international shipping on any order above €120.

Shipping times to Europe are between three to six days, and if you’re ordering from the US, you’ll have to wait up to two weeks.

Before you start your Testolone cycle, be sure to take a picture of your current body first. That way, you’ll be well on your way to having your own RAD 140 before and after images, without having to rely on other websites or forums!

Have fun in building a ton of muscle with RAD 140.