S23 SARM Review: Effects, Dosage, Cycling & S23 Results

In this five minutes S23 review we’re going to quickly cover everything you need to know to get the full lowdown on this newest of SARMs, including what S23 results are truly typical and realistic from your first cycle.

You’ll learn how S 23 works in the body, and if it’s a genuine SARM (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator). We will also cover S23 SARM dosage, cycle length, and what SARMs it’s best stacked with to get maximum results.

You’ll also learn the most crucial part of using SARMs: finding genuine and pure S-23 for sale that doesn’t contain other hidden ingredients which can cause significant problems

What Is S-23: Is It A SARM?

S23 is the newest SARM out there. Don’t let that fool you, it’s not something that’s been released by a company for sale to bodybuilders.

Like other SARMs, S23 is a research chemical. That means it’s been developed for a range of potential purposes and is going through trials. But most SARMs (Ostarine being the notable exception) have never been through Phase II human clinical trials.

So, what you’re getting with S23 is completely untried on humans’ research chemicals. But because it has androgenic/anabolic effects in the body, it’s basically been recreated and is now sold on the grey market.

It was created by GTx, a company that was also responsible for creating Ostarine and Andarine.

What I’m saying to you guys is that S 23 results come at a cost. They come at the cost of using a compound/supplement that has unknown long-term effects in the body. We don’t even know exactly how it works, but we do enough to suggest that people who have been using it for several years aren’t getting bad side effects developing.

How S23 SARM Works

S 23 is a SARM in that it has androgenic effects in muscle and bone tissue. However, it works slightly differently to other similar SARMs. It doesn’t just mimic testosterone, which makes the body think it has a better supply in muscle and bone tissue then it has, and therefore overdevelops because of the messages it’s receiving.

It works in the following ways:

  1. S-23 lowers the production of two key hormones: Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH), and Luteinizing Hormone (LH). These two hormones are crucial to several mechanisms, including male sperm count. Which is why S-23 was originally conceived as being a potential male contraceptive. So you will get a lowered testosterone and sperm count level from using this SARM.
  2. In muscle tissue, S-23 sends signals that mimic testosterone screaming “grow”. So when taking this compound, you will develop muscle tissue more rapidly than normal. As well as being larger, the new muscle tissue will be more defined, which is why a lot of guys run S23 just before a competition.
  3. S-23 produces muscle development without increasing fat or water retention. Steroids can create these things because of the increase in estrogen they produce in the blood, but SARMs don’t do this. So your gains will be dry and clean.
  4. Better bone mineralization will also occur because the same anabolic effects take place in the bone as well as muscle tissue. So over time, but don’t expect miracles, your bones will get stronger. That means your whole underlying frame will better support rapid progress.
  5. S23 users definitely report a lowering in body fat. This is only minor though because it’s not the main effect of this SARM. But what you can do is run this in a calorie deficit, which means you will at least protect your gains while cutting fat.

Put together, the claim is that S-23 has androgenic results that are close to that of an anabolic steroid, but without the more significant side effects in other areas of the body such as the prostate, and without the bloat and estrogen spike. Those are the claims, but what’s the truth?

S23 SARM Dosage

Because S-23 is a hugely untested research chemical, even the anecdotal evidence from bodybuilders around the world, and my own personal experience, make it tough to recommend an exact S-23 dosage range. The reason for this is that a really low dose might benefit someone, but not touch someone else. Also, it depends on how long your cycle is, alongside whether you use it alone or stack it.

However, to give you some idea, a low dose is seen as around 5-10 mg. A high dose is anything up to 30 mg, although I’ve seen some guys on bodybuilding YouTube channels talking about taking 50 mg per day, which to me is playing Russian roulette with your future testosterone production.

S23 SARM Cycle Length

Which means we can’t really tell you an exact S23 SARM cycle length either, because it’s the same fact that applies: this has never been through human trials, let alone for bodybuilding purposes.

I always go cautious and run this for eight weeks. So make your first S-23 SARM cycle just eight weeks in length, and don’t stack it.

I’d also dose at around 10 mg for those eight weeks. You can always increase the dose after four weeks, or even decrease it slightly if you are feeling significant symptoms of testosterone suppression:

  • Decreased sexual desire
  • Decreased sexual performance
  • Feeling blue and jaded
  • Not having much physical energy
  • Taking longer to recover from physical exercise
  • Feeling cloudy/cognitively diminished

It’s also important to note that S 23, considering its original research, will definitely lower your sperm count. So if you’re thinking of having a baby in the near future, then it’s definitely not something you should be taking!

S23 Results: What’s Realistic?

People will compare SARMs to steroids, and tell you that you can get similar results, but much more safely. While a lot of that is true, you have to work a lot harder with SARMs. You have to work out for longer, more frequently, and your diet has to be superb.

For me, these are the typical/realistic S23 results you can expect from your first cycle, compared to several months of natural bodybuilding beforehand:

  1. You will see a significant increase in lean muscle mass compared to what you can achieve naturally within the same amount of time, and with the same gym routine. Even if you’re in maintenance, you will still see gains, but you have to be progressive, really punch, if you want to get the most out of SARMs.
  2. S23 will cut fat. Run it during a calorie deficit, and within eight weeks the fat will be dripping off you in a way you will not have seen before. Even if you don’t, you’ll still cut some fat, but a superb diet will make that more achievable.
  3. Within a couple of weeks you’ll start to feel stronger and more positive. This will definitely help you to push yourself harder than before.
  4. Because your muscles are repairing more quickly, and your underlying structure is growing stronger, you will recover far more quickly than you are used to.

Androgenic S23 Side Effects

The androgenic S-23 side effects are the ones to watch out for, they are the ones that can be really problematic. You see, what happens is that because the SARMs are mimicking testosterone, your body starts to shut down its own production. This means less testosterone and more estrogen.

If you keep doing this for a long period of time, really aggressively, it can permanently lower your testosterone production. You don’t want to go there.

Keep your cycles as short as possible, keep your doses as low as possible, and if you are stacking SARMs that are androgenic, then be really mindful of how you feel, and watch out for the signs of testosterone drop.

But the great news is that Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) will recover your T levels usually in around one month. Nolvadex could be okay, but I’d recommend you might need Clomid to start off with if your T levels have taken a real hit.

What Is S 23 Best Stacked With?

S23 is SARM, which means you will suffer testosterone suppression while it builds muscle. So you don’t want to be stacking this with too much else that is also suppressive, otherwise, you’re creating real problems.

For me, this is a great S-23 stack that delivers impressive results, through building muscle, cutting fat, and building endurance:

  • S23 dosed @ 10 mg daily
  • LGD-4033 dosed @ 5 mg daily
  • GW-501516 dosed @ 5 mg daily
  • Cycle length is 10 weeks
  • Take at least a six-week break
  • PCT supplement required

Where To Find Real S23 SARM For Sale

I hope this quick S23 review has been helpful to you. It’s tough to nail down exactly how to use this compound because it’s so untested. Just keep your doses as low as possible, your cycle length under control, and give yourself long breaks to make sure your testosterone levels have recovered fully.

For me though, one of the hardest parts of using SARMs is buying them in the first place.

There’s so much crap out there, cut with all sorts of rubbish, including steroids and prohormones, which can be really damaging. So you need to find 100% pure S-23 SARM for sale to be safe and get the best out of it.

For me, the number one place that offers independent third-party lab test guarantees shows those purity reports on the website and delivers rapidly with a moneyback guarantee, is Science.bio.

You may have your own favorite sellers, but you’ll struggle to beat the quality and price. S-23 powder costs just $39.99 for a 1000 mg total dose. Far easier to use though is the dropper bottle S-23 liquid, which retails at $39.99 for a total dose of 750 mg.