SARMs For Sale – Four Companies You Can Trust In These Uncertain Times!

SAMRs for sale

Bad news travels quickly and the fact of the matter is, finding pure SARMs nowadays is like digging for gold in a ditch. There are many reasons for that, a few of them being the ban of SARMs in China and once prohormones got the shorter end of the stick, things got out of hand quickly. You’re surely asking yourself: What do prohormones and SARMs have to do with one another?

Companies that were formerly selling prohormones were now left with huge stocks of the product, leading them to label their goods as SARMs to try and save their businesses from certain ruin. This led to a huge backlash and many people got hurt, which further branded SARMs as something unreliable and dangerous. Here we are today and sadly, not much has changed.

The SARMs for sale you find nowadays are still impure, not the product you’ve ordered or worse. We’re here to show you that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and that there are still companies around that care about their customers and that sell high-quality SARMs.

This article will list four of them, but before we do that, we first have to answer a few important questions.

Why Is It Important To Buy The Highest Quality SARMs

For one, your life could be at stake if you purchase bunk products and consume too much of it. Not only will you waste your money down the drain, but you’re potentially harming your body with substances that might not even be legal. The problem with SARMs is that they are still largely unregulated, and we don’t see that changing any time soon. The FDA is awfully slow at doing their jobs.

This leads to a lot of fake SARMs on the market, where unscrupulous sellers try to make a quick buck on you, not caring what will happen with you after you’ve consumed their trash. For those reasons and many more, it’s pivotal that you buy the highest quality SARMs available from vendors that you can trust.

These should be companies that have been in the game for years and that know what they’re doing.

Finding The Best SARMs Source

We’ll give you a few pointers that will allow you to find the best SARMs source on your own accord, without anyone’s help.

Here are the things you should be looking out for:

  • Online Reviews OUTSIDE Of The Company’s Website: We see many people make the mistake of reading the reviews ON the company’s website. While some of these reviews might be legit, others are most likely fake and are there to bolster the image of the company in your eyes. That’s why you should always head to known places like Reddit or bodybuilding forums and discussion boards. Although sometimes biased, these online reviews present a good picture of the company in question.
  • Seniority: If you’ve been doing something for years, you’re bound to be good at it. Not only that but with age comes experience and that’s something that you cannot buy. A company that has been around knowing that not everything can be perfect and that human errors do exist. Still, they try their best to appease the customer and make everything right.
  • Contact Information: This is a big one. We see many businesses out there without even an email address on their website. They plaster a FAQ section and that’s supposed to replace real human-to-human interaction? Laughable. Always look for contact information once on the website of a company you’re auditing, as that will help you determine whether they care enough to get in touch with you.
  • Third Party Lab Results: Not just any lab results, but those from an independent third-party laboratory. Anything less is simply unacceptable! We’re here dealing with human lives and it’s important to know exactly what you’re putting inside of your body, so please don’t settle for anything less!

Where Not To Buy SARMs

They lure their prey with low prices, ’100% pure’ batches, and other drivel. We’re of course talking about vendors from China on places like Alibaba and eBay.

The price their ’SARMs’ as cheap as they can be which entices users into buying it. The fact of the matter is, these vendors don’t give two damns about the things they sell. They only have one thing in mind and that’s profit.

They could watch you die and laugh all the way back to the bank without shedding a single tear.

They are predators in search of easy victims, don’t become one of them!

Places such as eBay and Alibaba are too slow to react to such an injustice and they don’t sanction their vendors properly, which means that they just open new accounts and do the same thing all over again.

Finding The Best SARMs Company

We’ve already given you a checklist of what you have to look out for in a business before opting for them, so we’re not going to do that again. Instead, we’ll talk a bit about finding the best business for your wishes and needs.

Many companies focus on just one form of SARMs, either the liquid, powder, or pill. Naturally, you will prefer the one with your type of SARM, which means that in your eyes, that one is going to be the best SARMs company out there.

Another thing to consider is location. Not all SARMs businesses stem from the US, there are also some high-quality ones from Europe, as we’ll later see. To conclude, only you can select the best SARMs company for yourself as things such as location and type play a huge role in determining what is to be labeled as the ’best’ in your mind.

That’s why we’ve done our best to present you with as many versatile choices as possible and in the next chapter, you will meet four companies that are legit SARM vendors and that all have the potential to be the best SARMs company.

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Where to Buy SARMs

The question of where to buy SARMs will finally be answered in this chapter!


After doing some background research on this company, we realized that it was actually the longstanding, who in their prime dominated the SARMs market in the US.

Before ordering our first batch with them, we had a lengthy correspondence with their sales representatives through email and they answered all of our questions patiently and professionally. It took them between 12 to 24 hours to answer each individual email, but that is to be expected.

What we really liked about this company was their ‘Why Us’ section, in which they explained with a lot of detail on how they approach their SARMs and what the process from start to finish really is.

One thing to note about this company is that if you join their newsletter, you get 10% off on your order. We’ve personally been a part of the newsletter for quite some time, you don’t have to worry, it’s not spammy at all.

This company is very versatile as they sell both the liquid and the powder version of SARMs. Not only that, but they have all SARMs in stock and they always procure new and pure batches. Their lab results which are procured from an independent third-party laboratory are all indicating that their SARMs are very pure. All of their batches enjoy at least 98% purity. prices their SARMs very competitively and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a company that can match their rates. For example, 1500mgs of pure S4 Andarine will only cost you only $79.99, which is a great deal when compared to other companies.

The only downside is that you can’t buy Andarine in lower quantities, which means that you’ll have to use it all in a specific time frame. Their website is a joy to behold and very professionally designed. It’s very easy to get from one point to another and everything you need is displayed right in front of your face.

They ship on the same day as your order and if you do order more than 100$ worth of product, you get free shipping if you’re stationed in the US. If you’re outside of the US, you’ll have to order more than 300$ worth of goods to get free shipping, which is a bit steep. Besides SARMs, they also sell nootropics which are also of pristine quality.

Lastly, their shipping times are extraordinary, with our packages arriving in the span of three days, not including weekends.


Umbrella Labs is a highly trusted US seller of SARMs, peptides, nootropics, and PCT supplements based in Arizona. They have recently rebranded and moved on from their old website

Their new website is stylish and cool, it’s professionally designed, and you can access all the important hotspots of the site with just one click of a button. The red and black color scheme also fits perfectly with the layout, we have to give them credit for that.

They have a blog where they post useful information about all the new supplements they are researching and scientific data.

They also boast a FAQ section where you can find not only their physical address (a huge plus!), but also their email and phone number. Not only are they an establishment where you can buy SARMs, but they are also leaders when it comes to new research about SARMs and other supplements.

Every SARM at their disposal has lab results attached just underneath their product, meaning that you always know what you’re buying. They also sell SARMs on a wholesale basis, but currently only to foreign countries. We hope that this changes in the future.

Their purity rates range from 97 to 100%, which is excellent when it comes to SARMs. You should take a look at some of their product descriptions and you will immediately see that they know what they’re talking about. They’re full of useful information and research.

Their SARMs are priced quite fairly when compared to other shops, they usually set them at $70.00 per bottle. This means that you can get 600mgs of pure Testolone for only seventy bucks, which is a great deal!

Speaking of SARMs, their selection is vast, and we’ve even found S-23, a SARM you will not stumble upon in many other shops.

We’ve personally tested their Ligandrol, Testolone, S23 and their PCT supplements and they all worked flawlessly. We had zero side effects from their SARMs and their PCT worked wonders on our suppression.

If you’re ordering from the US, you get free shipping no matter how small your order is and if you’re ordering outside of the US (Canada included), your shipping rate will be included with the price during checkout.

Shipping times are respectable, it took our package three business days to arrive. If you’re ordering from Canada or Europe, shipping times may get longer. Overall, a great vendor with a huge reputation for quality and customer service!


Finally, a European company on the list, as we’ve promised. SARMs4You has been delivering top quality SARMs for more than a decade and nobody in Europe can hold a candle to them! They are simply the best manufacturer of SARMs in Europe and we don’t see that changing for a long time.

The first thing to note about this company is the fact that they sell both the powder and capsule version of SARMs.

Their powdered SARMs can be purchased from anywhere between one to five grams and their capsules can be bought in bottles, mostly containing sixty capsules. Another thing that favors this company over all the others in Europe is the third-party lab results they employ on each and every batch that goes through their shop.

Their purity rates are astounding, around 99% for their SARMs. Their selection of SARMs is vast and you can find all the major SARMs with just two clicks of a button.

Taking the Testolone capsules as an example, you would have to pay €79.95 for 600mgs worth of product (60 capsules, with each capsule having ten grams of product inside of it). This is a good deal, but we recommend buying the powder from them, as they hand out more discounts when you buy in bulk.

They even have a precise weight scale for sale, helping you measure out the exact amount of the powdered version of SARMs. Moreover, they offer free shipping for any order that goes above 120€, even if you’re from the US.

Coincidentally, they also have a currency selector, where you can seamlessly change between euros and US dollars. Nifty, especially for those purchasing from the US.

SARMs4You has dealt with all the major credit card companies, so you won’t have to fret while you’re making an order.

We’ve tested this company only once, since they are from the EU, and it took their package a whole two weeks to arrive at our place. This means that if you’re ordering from the US (like we did), you can expect long shipping times. Still, their SARMs are excellent and they helped us immensely with our fitness goals. One of our crew members gained 15 pounds of mass in just eight weeks on their Testolone!

Conversely, a friend of ours who ordered from Portugal had to only wait three days for his goods to come to his place.


The team behind Proven Peptides are veterans when it comes to SARMs, they have dedicated their entire website (and lives!) to SARMs. They are an US-based company from Florida and have been in the game for a long time.

On the top right corner, you’ll find their phone number stenciled on the website, which is always a huge plus, since not many companies care to speak with customers directly.

The website itself is nothing special and one could work on it, but they double down when it comes to their SARMs. They care a lot about quality which is seen when you look at the purity rates of their SARMs, which are between 98 and 100%. Every batch that goes through their hands is tested by an independent third-party laboratory and you can have test results delivered with your order, you just have to notify the company beforehand.

Speaking of purity, we have personally tested their SR9009, Ostarine, and Cardarine. As we made an order of over 75$, we also got free shipping. We used the Ostarine and Cardarine for a cut, with everything going smoothly. One of our gym buddies lost 5% of his total body fat in just one cycle with their SARMs.

The SR9009 was utilized for recomping and it worked out perfectly. We gained a lot of muscle mass while still being able to lose body fat, it was a marvel to behold. As you can see, Proven Peptides is a great little site where you can find high quality SARMs for sale.

Proven Peptides also has a great little program called Peptide Points where you can collect points on their website by performing simple tasks such as sharing their website or following their social media accounts. That can all be done in under a minute and will net you 6$ in store credit.

Moreover, every time you make a buying decision in their store, you are entitled to a 10% discount on every other purchase you make. As you can see, it pays to go with Proven Peptides as they bring fun and novelty into the world of SARMs.

They offer free shipping to the US for any order that goes beyond 75$. Shipping times are excellent, it took our goods two and a half business days to arrive in front of our doorsteps.

The only caveat about this shop would be the outdated website, but they make up for it with the quality of their SARMs and their experience in the business.


Now that we’ve shown you where to find SARMs for sale at unbelievable prices and purity rates, you can commit to a buying decision without worry or fear.

Have fun emptying the stocks of all these wonderful vendors!