Stone Athletic Medicine is passionate about exercise science and optimizing functional movement. I am a nerd and consistently seek to learn and evolve. I stay abreast to the peer-reviewed evidence that shapes how we manage injury Mud Runand improve overall health. Through this, Stone Athletic Medicine has two objectives:

For my clients: To utilize a unique, scientifically backed training methods to optimize human movement and improve fitness, enhance performance, and prevent injury.

For the Health Care Professional: To write articles and share the latest evidence that challenges what we do, with the aim of doing the best we can for those who depend on us – our clients.


I am passionate about health and wellness. I strongly believe that health care professionals can always improve their skill sets. Once you stop learning or become close-minded to the possibility of change, you stop improving. I use science to support and challenge what we do. Please visit the Articles page or use the functionality to the right to search for a specific article. Please follow and subscribe to receive notifications of new articles.

Customized Personal Training with Josh:

As an experienced athletic trainer, personal trainer, and performance expert I help clients who have tried everything and failed. I work with clients who look to prevent or rehabilitate injury, enhance performance, and improve general fitness goals. What I do is very unique and differs from what you will find from traditional physical therapy or personal training. My programming is systematic and the principles that shape my programming are backed by peer-reviewed research. To read more about these services visit the Customized Training page.

For more information on my services, pricing, or to schedule a free consultation, please visit the Contact page to contact me. I promise to get back to you ASAP!

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