We are passionate about exercise science and our goal is to provide the absolute best for our clients. Josh and Shagra are master personal trainers who pride themselves in optimizing human movement. With multiple certifications, Josh and Shagra specialize in injury prevention, fitness training, and performance enhancement.


We believe that health care professionals can always improve their skill sets. We strive to continually evolve and use science to support our training principles. Please take the time to read our blogs.  If you are interested in a specific topic, please use the functionality to the right to search for a specific article.

Customized Personal Training:

Josh and Shagra have many years of experience working as athletic trainers and performance experts. We help clients who have tried everything and failed. Our methodologies are unique and differ from what you will find from traditional rehabilitation or personal training setting. Over the years, we have developed a systematic program that shapes our programming. This programming is evidence-based. To read more about these services visit the Customized Training page. If you want to see my training rates, visit the Training Investment page.

For more information on services, pricing, or to schedule a free consultation, please visit the Contact page.

7 thoughts on “Home

      1. Kyle

        Do you have any thoughts on breathing drills/exercises in correcting movement dysfunctions and chronic musculoskeletal discomfort popularized by the Postural Restoration Institute?

        And thank you so much for your help..always refer friends to your website when dealing with acute sport injuries…and whenever I re-sprain my ankle

        1. Joshua Stone Post author


          My apologies for the very long delay in responding to your message. I am familiar with Hruska and PRI. I’ve not been trained in Postural Restoration, but those who have claim great benefits.

    1. Joshua Stone Post author

      Hi Jonathan,
      I hop things are well in AZ.
      I agree there is a lot of broscience here. I wrote a couple of articles regarding hydration that uses old data. Look up my article on hydration Nation. Electrolyte to water balance is crucial and often we have too much water. There are also studies and show something as simple as a raisin has better effects on performance then supplements like GuChomps.

  1. Kate

    Looking for info. I have a rotation in my pelvis and have the usual lower back pain but I also have an issue where my toes and the front part of my feet go numb when walking even a fairly short distance. It varies somewhat, I think partially depending on what kind of surface I’m walking on but also some other factors I can’t pin down. Anyhow I’m looking for anything I can do at home to help those issues as they make it hard for me to get the exercise I need.


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